Make your Home & Business Energy Efficient.

At Tilley Contracting, we help residential & commercial properties save on energy with our spray foam technologies.

Serving Commercial Businesses

We’re serving local commercial businesses including oilfield companies. Contact Tilley Contracting for all your insulation needs.

Welcome to Tilley Contracting

Lakeland’s Spray Foam Insulation Company

Tilley Contracting is a locally owned company that is fully licensed in the application of spray foam insulation, fireproofing, and blow-in fibreglass insulation for attics. Whether you are looking to make your new home energy efficient or looking to upgrade your older home, garage, or other building structure, we are the team for you.

Serving Residential and Businesses of all types!

  • Oilfield businesses within the Lakeland area
  • Renovation projects


Our Insulation Services

We offer insulation services for residential and commercial properties including oilfield companies. Our services are available for new and existing structures.

Spray Foam Insulation

You can save up to 40% each year in heating and cooling costs with spray foam insulation.

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Blow-In Fibreglass Insulation

We use Canadian Fiberglass Wool Insulation, which is a premium choice to insulate attics.

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Thermal Barrier

Insulate your home and business with a thermal barrier. Keep important structures protected in the event of a a fire.

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Optimal Insulation without the Big Carbon Footprint

Made from Recycled Ingredients

Spray foam is becoming a popular and sought out form of insulating for both residential and commercial use due to its high rating for energy efficiency and that it is an environmentally friendly product that is bio-based and made from recycled ingredients. It is the NEW prefered way for providing optimal insulation without the big carbon footprint.

Other Benefits of Spray Foam Include:

  • Seals out drafts and won’t sag, shrink or shift like batts or loose fill.
  • Mold-proof, pest-proof and reduces noise.
  • Acts as an air barrier, some formulations also act as a vapour barrier.


From our Happy Customers

“Tilley Contracting sprayed our entire house. Great Job! Very satisfied.”

– Bev Ducharme

“We had Darcy do the blow in insulation for our shop and some spray foam work as well. Great and friendly guys who will be doing our new house as well. Definitely recommend them!”

– Silke Skinner

“Tilley Contracting has provided us with several industrial and oilfield spray foam applications. They have proven to be an essential part of our supply chain with their cost-effective approach and their innovative way of thinking. We always receive positive feedback from our client when subcontracting Tilley Contracting.”

– Myles Morrison from Boon Energy

“Very professional. We use Tilley Contracting for all our spray foam and blow-in insulation. We can always count on them to do quality work.”

– Mark Hunter from Marcon Contracting

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